quinta-feira, 1 de abril de 2010


Take time to realize

That your warmth is

Crashing down on me

Take time to realize

That I am on your side

Well didn't I, didn't

I tell youBut I can't spell it out for you

No it's never gonna be that simple

No I can't spell it out for youIf you just realize

What I just realized

That we'd be perfect for each other

And we'll never find another

Just realizeWhat I just realized

We'd never have to wonderIf we missed out on each other, now

It's not the same

No it's never the same

If you don't feel it too

If you meet me half way

If you would meet me half way

It could be the same for you

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  1. eu li quase tudo que está no seu blog..=D
    É tudo muito lindo!!!