sexta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2010


I was made the wrong way
won't you do me the right way
where you gonna be tonight?
'cause I won't stay too long

Maybe you're the light for me
when you talk to me it strikes me
won't somebody help me
'cause I don't feel too strong

Was it something that I said
was it something that I did
or the combination of both that did me wrong

You know I'm hoping you sing along
I know it's not your favorite song
don't wanna be there when there's nothing left to say
you know that some of us spin again
when you do, you need a friend
don't wanna be there when there's nothing left for me
and I hate to thought of finally being erased
baby that's the best of me

Everything's behind you
but the hope still stands beside you
living in every moment
have I wasted all your time

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